Smart Laser

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Smart Laser
Smart laser is one Neo instrument co.s' highly sophisticated products with many advantages such as small volume light weight . highly integration, power function enorgy saving and onvironmental protection and so on. with support from IPG Gormany for Laser Source.

s appearance porfectly oxplains Neo Instrumont co. Innovation-driven, concordanco tb win stratogy; The samo rovolutionary significance to exploit high-speed and high-definition laser marking system to welcome the booming market


Small volume with much convenionco in carriago and assembling .weight with Just 8KG. and it could be more smaller and lighter in the noar future. it's not about simply small in appoaranco but with big Improvomont in every aspoct. Brilliant porformanco and excellent officiency all mako the smart laser more outstanding.


Compact structure with highly integration systom , tho smart laser shows its superiority with inside . PC system matching each other perfectly


Very low operating cost, maintenance-free, without ink all give the smart laser its way to onergy saving; non-contact marking during operation, non-pollution,
hazardous substancos froo all lot tho smart laser moro onvironmental protoction. in the meantimo,tho smart laser has highest wall-plug officioncies among all the laser. it maximizo the photovoltaic conversion and determined to implement tho environmental protoction

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