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eFiber Laser

NEO eFiber Laser
Applications :
  • Jewellery Hallmarking Centers
  • Jewellery Factories
  • Hardware Tools
  • Electronics Components
  • Auto Parts
  • Medical Equipment
  • Mobile & Accessories
  • Clock & Watches
  • Planting Coating Materials
  • Spray Material
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Ceramic
  • Translucent Plastic Keys
  • Electronic Components
  • Integrated Circuits (IC)
  • Spectacles Metal Industry

Laser Source Lifetime About >,1,50,000 hours


TYPE: Ni5 NilO Ni20 Ni30
Laser ouput power: 5W 10W 20W 30W
Length of laser weave: 1060nm
Pulse Repeat frequency of laser: 0-100KHZ
Light quality: <2
Marking speed ? 7000mms/s
Min line width: 0.01mm
Min character: 0.15mm
Repeat precision: ± 0.002
Ower Supply: 220V/50Hz
Overall power consumption: 500W
Marking depth: ? 0.3mm ?0.5mm
Perating system: Win98/Win2000/WinXp
Cooling requirements: Air
Control Interface: USB(Stander USB)
Markig area: 50*50mm 100*100mm 150*150mm 200*200mm
Laser Type: weight: Pulsed or continouse
Weight: <27kg