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  • Precise tests can be conducted for presious elements (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh,Ru,etc.) and other metals specified in platinum group of metals
  • Analysis method : comprehensive application empirical coefficient and fundamental parameter method
  • Analysis report: the instrument support multiple languages format and document format reports, such as Excel and PDF etc., and standard templates are preset and the users can define the template formats by themselves; moreover, all of the documents can be printed and saved
  • Automatic data storage : the test data of all the samples will be saved automatically and the test results are traceable
  • Self-checking function of stability : real time self-checking function can be carried out as for current stability of the Instrument

  • The reliability of accurate test of Au and Ag element is provided aiming at five kinds of precious elements,
  • The users can deal with the extension of environmental protection directive test unhurriedly supported by the open work curve platform.
This model is equipped with modern ,user friendly software and exact evaluation algorism and the proper analyzer for precisely calculating the composition of solid pieces of Gold and Silver jewellery.presious coins and other metals . Simply position the piece of interest with the aid of Video and start the measurement. The result is given in % Can be Printed as a Certificate. Designed for Customers where, in addition to high precision, case of use and versatility are major factors.
  • Assaying Centre / Touch Lab.
  • Hallmarking Centre
  • Plating Thickness
  • Jewellery Showroom / Manufacturer
  • Refinery
  • Banks & Money Landers

Features And Advantages
Model Alfa Mini
X ray Tube Long life, high efficiency, tungsten target 50W, airodynamic air flow cooling system
High Voltage Output Voltage : 0 - 50Kv @ 1 mA
Sample Type Solid, Powders, Liquid
Elements of basic metal Au, Ag, Pt
Detector Hi resolution Proportional Counter Detector
Collimator 0.80 mm
Analysis Range 30.00% - 99.99%
Operating System 15-30C
CCD High Resolution, 1.2million Pixel CCD camera
Power Supply 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 120 W
Dimension 380*372*362
Sample Dimension 380*372*362 (mm)
Weight 30 Kg